Thursday, 16 January 2014

Wifi Direct, BLE, Zigbee or Z-Wave? AR versus IoT? Ask Google Trends!

I use Google Trends a lot to decide where things are going and what to focus the Object Net on, or what technologies to use to implement it.

Here's an interesting graph comparing WiFi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, iBeacon, Zigbee and Z-Wave - here's the scoop: WiFi Direct demolishes the lot!

Here's one comparing Augmented Reality, Layar and Google Glass with the Internet of Things. AR in all its forms is still ahead of the IoT, but after a big up-spike in 2009, has been in gently declining interest for four years. However, specific AR products - Layar and Glass - are very active.

More interesting insights come from clicking through the "Regional interest" tabs just below: compare where ZigBee and Z-Wave get their respective support, for example.

Of course, these graphs should only really be used for picking up indicative clues, and entertainment. Look at where "Layar" gets most of its support - Indonesia!

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