Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Internet of Meeting Rooms

Today, I was yet again hunting for a meeting room in the huge office building I work in. Obviously, the meeting room number gives nothing away - adjacent numbered rooms could be on opposite sides of the floor.

It occurred to me that I'd like to be able to hold up NetMash in "look around" mode, and see all of the meeting rooms nearby - like X-Ray vision.

This would of course be driven by BLE beacons inside each meeting room, advertising the URL of their virtual room/place object. Assuming my phone is on the office WiFi, NetMash could fetch and render those place objects for me, plus all the contents.

An obvious object to have inside a room on the virtual wall would be a "card" describing the event - a meeting booking. This would be a 3D representation of a JSON object encoding an iCalendar event.

Of course, occupied rooms would also contain all the avatars of the people in them. I could find the room, then as I approached, ping a message to all of my colleagues.

There could be an object that captured the whiteboard work as an image that we could virtually take away with us.

And, obviously, there would be objects for lighting and heating. Being listed in the event object invitees, I could turn all the lights off and back on again as I approached, for dramatic effect.

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