Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Navigating Things and Places Around You

Some small progress, from 20 minutes here and there on the train to and from Waterloo...

I've added a menu item to switch to navigating NetMash by Things around you.

It starts you off viewing a 3D place or "room" containing the three light objects as you've seen before, then if you move your phone towards a broadcasting Thing, it jumps to showing you that 3D object up close. If you move back, you are back in the place again.

Here's the menu, showing the "Around" option:

You can also see underneath that the "Objects Around" object, which not only lists the three broadcasting Light Things I had before, but now has their common place object, too, the "Room of Things". This link is found by grabbing the "within" links of the lights. The place is given a fixed distance of 20.

So, if you're in jumping "Around" mode, then the nearest item in the list above is jumped to, which is the place "Room of Things" - unless you move the phone near to one of the BLE dongles, or less than 20 away from it. Clunky algorithm for now, but will be refined.

I'd show you screenshots of the 3D stuff, but you've already seen them: it's the jumping that is important. When I've smoothed it out enough for a video, I shall do that instead.

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