Friday, 3 January 2014

Three Lights!

Well, progress is slow but steady. Now that I've identified each light Thing separately and am broadcasting unique URLs from my Java code, I've updated the Android app to list them all, unlike before when I just had one.

I gave them all the same name - "Light" - so this screen shot is kinda boring, but you get the idea:

This is picking up three BLE beacon broadcast URLs from two Pies and from my laptop. Jumping the link shows a different light running on that respective host. One of them actually changes the LED colour.

Next job is to put them all in a "place" object so I can "walk around" virtually in 3D and set their light colours. I'll get the laptop to broadcast a place object instead of a light, and have the Pies be two lights in that place.

Each has a signal strength, so once that's done, I'll be onto the AR algorithms for location and orientation, so that I can really walk around to get to them.

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