Saturday, 18 January 2014

Three lights in both a real and a virtual room

You may have noticed that I've been a bit quiet on the development front recently - I only have 45 minutes a day on the train, and I've been using that to tidy and bugfix in NetMash.

So just to show that things still work after dibbling with the code, here are some photos of the latest actual Augmented Reality Internet of Things in action.

I've hit the menu option "Around", which searches for beacons in range and picks up their URLs.

There are three lights around, all in the same place: "Room of Things". The app has decided I'm not right up close to any of them, so it's showing me the place they all belong to.

I move to the first light (OK, it's my laptop pretending to be a light, but you can see the USB BLE sticking out there). The view jumps in to focus on that light.

Over to the first Pi, advertising the light that's green. The view jumps to that, now.

And finally to the only actual light - the RG(B) one on my Christmas Pi. You can't tell from the photo, but the LED really is red like its 3D view. Touching the red cube adjusts the LED colour.

Obviously jumping in and out like this is a bit coarse, so I need to come up with a smoother algorithm for figuring out where the phone is. And I need to glide in to the lights in the actual place, not jump to a view with just the light alone.

And of course, it would be nice if things in the place were in their actual relative positions, and panning around panned around the 3D place view, in proper AR style.

I'll get onto it, on the next train to work...

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