Friday, 14 February 2014

Moving off Blogger..

This is my last post on this blog. Blogger and Google have been a bit of a disappointment, so this seems like a good time to wrap up and find an alternative.

What I want in a blog service:
  • bug-free editor - I don't actually need WYSIWYG if it's that hard to do; HTML would be fine
  • reliable server to save mid-edit to, and which doesn't push down the whole page - that I'm in the middle of editing - with a message telling me that once again it failed to auto-save
  • a preview with links that work, so I can test them there
What I want from Google's search services:
  • if they run a service like Blogger, they should put the pages from it in their index, preferably when they're published
  • for "" to work
I'm also looking for alternatives to Feedly, the feed reader that pulls in new pages in less than a second, but then stubbornly refuses to acknowledge updates from then on.

You don't know what you do want, until you know what you don't want. I now know more about what I want. So thanks, Google, for that!

And for giving me a free blog, which wasn't so bad, really.

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