Thursday, 13 February 2014

Concluding my 60 Days of Things

I'm now nearly at the end of my 60 Days of Things. As I said when I was half-way: "I started this blog on the 14th of December last year, without intending to blog every day. But I happened to have something to say every day, and once I'd established that regularity, I decided to keep it up. I do have rather a lot to say about the Object Net, and my other blog is full of me saying it in long posts. This way I get to write shorter posts, yet more often."

It's been a lot of fun, doing the coding and hardware stuff and writing these posts. I almost never knew what I was going to write as I sat down every evening, but never once failed to find inspiration.

So here's another summary in two parts. First, what I achieved for NetMash:

Rather more articles in the "general" category this time:

I also went on a short trip to Venice. and linked to some snaps.

I'm not sure if I'll continue the pleasant discipline of daily blogging, now that my 60 days are up, but I do hope to.

I'll certainly keep blogging on the Augmented Reality Internet of Things manifested by the Object Network.

I've only just started...

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